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Concierge IT

We provide business owners the freedom to rule their world anywhere, any place, and anytime.


Securely - Reliably - Remotely

Designed especially for business owners that travel, work from home and always on the go.  Includes residential support and all mobile devices.

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RIATA's Concierge IT services are designed for business owners that are always on the go, and need to keep productive.  This service level was designed especially for business owners that travel and work from home. 

Our Concierge IT service provides 24/7 personalized service IT support for the owner's residence, mobile devices and all other technology needs.

Our service ensures that cybersecurity threats are mitigated across all devices and residential services.  We make sure your data is backed up and protected from cyber threats.

This includes ensuring your data and apps are synchronized across all mobile devices, laptops, iPads, and company desktop.  

This service level includes exclusive access to your dedicated IT support specialists after business hours and on weekends.  We will come to your residence if needed to provide service and support to your IT needs at home.

If you're a business owner, and want to work from anywhere at anytime, then contact RIATA and we'll provide you the freedom to rule your world from anywhere, any place, and anytime.

Digital Nomad

Concierge IT

Personalized IT Support
for Business Owners

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