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Technology Compliance for Financial Institutions

Financial services companies are increasingly being required to invest in processes and cybersecurity solutions to meet regulatory compliance. These regulations require technical oversight and a focus on internal policies. 

RIATA provides this support to help companies develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive information security program for achieving compliance and accreditation that will:

  1. Insure the security and confidentiality of customer information.

  2. Protect against anticipated threats or hazards to the security of customer information.

  3. Protect against unauthorized access that could result in harm to customers.

Contact RIATA today, and we'll provide you with a framework, policies, solutions, and consulting to ensure your financial service company is in compliance and will meet accreditation.

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FTC Safeguards Rule

The Federal Trade Commission requires qualified financial institutions to be compliant with the FTC Modified Safeguards Rule, FTC 16 CFR 314.4, effective

June 6, 2023.

RIATA provides the policies, cyber solutions, technical service, and ongoing support to maintain compliance according to these rules.

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Cybersecurity Consulting

Financial services companies have become a favorite target of cybercrime activity.  Attacks can result not only in business disruption, but also penalties and fines.

RIATA provides cybersecurity consulting services and solutions that will help keep your company safe from cyber attacks, ransomware, breaches, theft of data and more. 


Cyber Safeguards Solution

Developed specifically for smaller financial loan companies seeking to achieve compliance with FTC Safeguards Rule, (FTC 16 CFR 314.4.)

RIATA's Cyber Safeguards Solution provides the cybersecurity solutions and policies to help meet this important regulation.


Managed IT Support

Managing your IT and technology today takes time and special skills.  Effective IT support will keep you staff productive and customers' data safe.

RIATA's IT service offerings are designed to meet your needs, regardless of size.  


We manage your full-time network at a part-time cost! 


Incident Response Plan

An Incident Response Plan has become a standard requirement for most regulated industries.  This plan addresses the procedures, responsibilities, and communications in the event of a company disaster that has a broad impact.

RIATA's Incident Response Plan is in a simplified format that is easy to customize and distribute to employees.

And best of all, we provide this as a complimentary resource for our clients.

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Residential Concierge

Work-from-Home has become common in the workplace.  Yet, it's important to ensure your staff stays productive and data is secured.

RIATA will establish a secured, fast and reliable WFH experience that balances performance with security.

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