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For firms that need dependable and reliable IT to keep billable and meet project deadlines.


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IT Services for Professional Service Firms

Professional service firms rely on having a reliable IT network for keeping their staff billable and capable of making the deadline.  This includes legal, accounting, staffing and consulting firms.  RIATA knows how your business operates and we provide the IT support to keep you moving.

RIATA provides support for the special software, platforms and workflow needs of professional service firms including:​

  • Cybersecurity protection of desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and work-from-home computers. 

  • Vendor management of software licensing for the multitude of SaaS and cloud software.

  • Encryption of sensitive data being transmitted, and stored.

  • New employee onboarding & former employee off-boarding for IT and devices. 

  • Support and enable remote work collaboration technology.

RIATA knows how to support the platforms, tools and software applications that architects, engineers, and designers commonly utilize.  These include:

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IT That Works

When it comes to IT, there are a lot of moving parts and any one of them can create a problem.

RIATA makes sure that all your technology works as advertised including internet, WiFi, printing, remote access, VoIP and more.

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Remote & Virtual

Many of today's professional service firms have adopted a hybrid work model for staff to work from home, and at the office.

RIATA provides the infrastructure to ensure these collaboration and file sharing solutions are reliable, secure, and optimized for performance. 

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Secured & Protected
Client Files

The services you provide are often confidential and may contain sensitive data.  Maintaining this confidentiality is paramount to your firm's reputation.


RIATA ensures your data is safe, backed up, encrypted, and secured when exchanging with clients, government entities, and vendor partners.

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Residential Concierge

Work-from-Home has become common in the workplace.  Yet, it's important to ensure your staff stays productive and data is secured.

RIATA will establish a secured, fast and reliable WFH experience that balances performance with security.

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TIme & Billing

Billable time is the heartbeat of most professional service firms.  The technology needs of this effort must be reliable to ensure profitability.


RIATA has experience and expertise for supporting this technology that will ensure your staff's billable time gets captured efficiently. 

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