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Architects, Engineers, and Designers




For firms that need high performance networks, power workstations and advanced printing.

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IT Services for Architect, Engineering, and Design Firms

RIATA specializes in providing IT services for architects, engineers, and designers.  We understand the unique needs of these firms and what is required to support their staff and their clients. 


These needs typically include support for:

  • Power-user workstations for resource intensive CAD and engineering software.

  • On-site and off-site storage of production data and extremely large file sizes.

  • Super-fast internal network that optimizes productivity of production staff.

  • Cybersecurity safeguards and protection of valuable design files and sensitive data.

  • Remote and secure access to the firm’s applications and data.

RIATA knows how to support the platforms, tools and software applications that architects, engineers, and designers commonly utilize.  These include:

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CAD Workstations

Design applications such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD require a high performing workstation that is optimized to provide the best and most productive experience for the architect, engineer, and designer. 

RIATA provides the technical support to ensure your firm’s most valuable talent have a workstation that keeps up with their production.

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Remote & Virtual

Today’s architects, engineers and designers leverage technology to collaborate with other designers, teams and clients.  Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and other virtual conferencing platforms are facilitating this new hybrid workforce. 


RIATA provides the infrastructure to ensure these solutions are reliable, secure, and optimized for performance. 

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Secured & Protected
Designs and Documents

Engineering, architecture, and design firms produce valuable documents, designs, and product information that need to be stored, backed up and protected. 

RIATA ensures your data is safe, backed up, encrypted, and secured when sending to clients, contractors and vendor partners.

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Residential Concierge

Work-from-Home has become common in the workplace.  Yet, it's important to ensure your staff stays productive and data is secured.

RIATA will establish a secured, fast and reliable WFH experience that balances performance with security.

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Project Management

Project and work order management play a key role in ensuring your firm, contractors, vendor and clients are all working with the same set of information. 


RIATA ensures these solutions work across the organization and your vendor partners and clients.

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