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IT Services for Startups in Austin

The Best IT Services for Startups in Austin

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Computer Support  & IT Consulting Services in Austin

Grow quickly without the disruption of technology.

Keep your Staff Focused

You need your staff to focus on building your products and services, not IT infrastructure.  While many startups have the talent to perform IT management, they do not have the automation, workflow processes and specialization for efficiently managing today’s various technologies.


RIATA gives you the level of IT support that you need, when you need it. 

IT Foundation for Growth

Grow quickly with an IT infrastructure designed to add new staff and locations with minimal effort and investment.  Establish this early on and your company will experience less pain and friction when it comes to growing the company. 


RIATA provides the design and strategy to help startups establish this IT foundation that will grow with the company.

Specialized IT Support

You will need talented IT professionals that are skilled and experienced in technology for cloud, cybersecurity, data storage, business continuity, mobility, and other common needs. 


RIATA provides you the depth and breadth of IT experience required for advanced network and cybersecurity solutions.

Protect Investors

Intellectual property, or IP, is a primary target for cyber criminals and it’s increasing every year.  This valuable IP needs to be protected from cybertheft, data breaches, sabotage, or unintentional data loss. 


RIATA’s specialization in cybersecurity and data backup solutions will help to protect your IP and investors.


Adopting IT resources ‘as a service’ provides startup companies a lower barrier to entry and preserves capital.  Startups can add users, increase storage, and provision software on a per-user basis that tracks with revenue growth.


RIATA has the knowledge, skills and partners to guide startups for adopting this strategy.

Quick IT Project Turnaround

Speed and agility are hallmarks of a successful startup.  This is especially true when it comes to implementing IT projects that are key to growth plans.


RIATA has the technical staff, consultants, and vendor partnerships to ensure IT projects keep up with this growth.

Keeping costs down is important and outsourcing key needs helps achieve this.  Especially when it comes to taking care of your IT and technology needs.  RIATA manages your full-time network at a part-time cost.


Network Management

Fast & Reliable Networks

Speed to market is often essential for a startup to succeed.  And problems with the network, cloud, email, and internet, to name a few, can cause a drag on momentum. 


Professional network management from RIATA makes ensures these IT issues will not be a distraction.

Digital cybersecurity and network protection. Virtual locking mechanism to access shared r


Keeping high-value data safe

Intellectual property, client lists, financial information, and other sensitive data must be protected during the startup phase of every business.  The startup needs to guard against cyber espionage and theft of valuable data. 


RIATA’s cybersecurity consultants and our vetted partners provide the level of security commensurate with the value of your data.


Residential Concierge

Work from Anywhere

Startup owners and key executives need flexibility to work from anywhere, and at anytime. 

RIATA provides IT support for working remotely and securely from their residence, or other travel destination.


Vendor Management

Making Vendors into Partners

There are numerous technology vendors that every startup company will need to engage.  Especially if you have a unique business application that is central to your business.  It’s important to make sure all the vendors are compatible, and usage managed. 


RIATA provides this level of management and ensures your vendors are aligned with your strategy.

Man at his Desk

End-User Support

Keep Staff Productive

Startup companies need to keep their staff working without disruption, or stoppage from a technology issue.  Quick and responsive IT support is required to keep these valuable resources productive. 


RIATA provides this technology and IT support for all users at remote locations, work-from-home and multiple time-zones.

Young Businesswoman

Strategy & Planning

Senior Technology Guidance

Every startup understands the value of planning, and your technology is an essential part of it. You need the advice and guidance of an experienced IT consultant that will help plan and budget projects. 


RIATA develops the technology road map that is at the core of planning for growth.


Technology Procurement

Optimizing your IT Spend

Moving fast is critical for all startups.  Procuring technology can be complicated when it comes to compatibilities, volume licensing, and availability. 


RIATA provides the best-price options for computers, laptops, software licenses, equipment and cloud storage to get your team productive immediately.

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