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Medical IT

For doctor-owned,

individual and


medical practices. 

Medical doctors * Surgeons

  Radiologists * Urgent Care

Ophthalmologists * Pathologists

 Physical Therapists. 

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RIATA supports solutions that are key to medical practices:

Practice Management · Medical Billing · EMR ·  EHR  · PACS  · VNAs

Medical  IT support requires a focus on those issues and challenges faced by all healthcare practices, including:

  • HSS CSA 405(d) Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices.

  • HIPAA, HITECH & PCI compliance.

  • Multiple location IT management & support.

  • Residential concierge support for doctors, PA’s, and Providers.

  • DICOM imaging support.

  • Medical Device IoT management.

RIATA understands how medical practices operate and what makes them productive, efficient, and profitable.  We help you streamline your workflow, be more effective at communicating with patients, and keep you in compliance.

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Patient Care

Today, patients expect to make appointments, check test results, and find resources online. 


Having reliable IT infrastructure to interface, integrate and process these solutions is key to patient satisfaction.


Reliable Performance

Your practice operates several solutions that need to integrate and run reliably.  Including:

  • Practice Management,

  • Medical Billing,

  • EMR/EHR,

  • PACS/VNAs,

  • HL7 data integration,

  • Voice and Transcription,

  • Collections,

  • Insurance Integration.

RIATA is the key go-between to make these solutions work together.



While there are numerous regulations for healthcare providers, RIATA provides a key role for ensuring the technology is in compliance. 


This includes providing solutions to ensure data is kept private, confidential, and secure. 



Healthcare is a key target for cyber-attacks and increasing every year. 

RIATA provides cybersecurity solutions based on the "Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Practices" as stipulated in HSS CSA 405(d).

Every healthcare provider needs to subscribe to these practices and understand the gaps in their cybersecurity posture.

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For IT services and support, there is a balance between spending too much, and not enough. 

RIATA provides services and solutions that fit the budget and meets the needs. 


Our pricing features unbundled service pricing and transparency that allows clients to better understand and prioritize their IT costs.

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Residential Concierge

Doctors and healthcare providers are often on-call, 24/7. 

RIATA provides IT support that allows doctors, PA’s and key administrators to work remotely and securely from their residence, or other travel destination.

Both on-site and remote support available.

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