Supplemental IT Support

For today's busy IT Managers & Directors 

RIATA’s Supplemental IT Support services provides IT managers with the additional talent and resources for special projects, ongoing support and access to technical specialists. 


This support level is designed to allow the IT manager to focus on the business applications, workflow, and other key technology while RIATA takes care of all else.  

Working Together
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Supplemental IT Support

For IT Managers seeking to build
an IT support model that meets every need.

The key to our outsourced IT support program is that it provides extra staffing, skills, and vendor resources that free up the IT manager and complements their strengths.  This includes support services such as:


  • Special projects, rollouts, and upgrades:  Projects, rollouts and upgrades often requires supplemental staffing and skills for these temporary needs.  RIATA can help with design, planning and execution to ensure projects come in on-time and within budget. 


  • Cybersecurity consulting and advisory: Most companies will benefit from having access to cybersecurity experts that are current on cyber threats and solutions that mitigate these threats.  RIATA provides these solutions, policies and best practices to ensure your organization is protected.


  • Monitoring of internet and servers:  Every organization requires proactive monitoring of the network infrastructure such as file servers, routers, firewalls, switches, WiFi and other key IT technologies.  RIATA’s platform keeps an eye on all critical services to immediately identifies when, and where, outages or issues occur.


  • Help Desk portal management and reporting: Our award-winning service desk software is a very powerful addition to all corporate IT departments.  Our system allows the IT manager to filter service requests, prioritize, and escalate to the appropriate resources.  RIATA maintains a seamless integration between the IT Manager and RIATA help desk services.


  • Managing backup and disaster recovery: Every company relies on having a reliable and secure backup and recovery solution to protect their valuable data.  It is critically important today to have a sound data backup strategy to protect against ransomware, cyber threats and natural disasters.  RIATA provides this protection with solutions and best practices that are considered best-of-breed and most effective.


  • Routine patching and updates of servers and workstations:  Given the cyber threats everyone is facing today, it is critically important to keep operating systems and software applications updated and maintained to most recent version levels.  This mitigates the cyber threats that exploit the vulnerabilities of outdated versions.