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Work Anywhere, Live Differently

Technology is the key to this freedom.

I recently took an extended trip to Portugal and enjoyed being able to ‘work anywhere’ and ‘live differently’. In the early morning, or late evening I would take care of business back home.  This included processing payroll, conducting financial transactions, developing sales quotes, and attending virtual meetings. I didn’t even put an ‘out of office’ notice on my emails.  And during the rest of the day my wife and I would explore the country.


Working & Living in Portugal
Working Anywhere, Living Differently in Portugal

There was a time not that long ago, it was impossible to be away from the office for an extended period without getting too far behind or missing out on important meetings.  But today, with the right technology, business owners can rule their world from anywhere, any place, and anytime. 


Imagine living somewhere else for a month, or two, and still enjoy being able to take care of business!  It provides a sense of freedom. Liberating. 


Of course, the key to this lifestyle is ensuring you have the right technology that delivers he security, performance, and reliability to keep you connected to the office.  This same technology can be leveraged across several other traveling scenarios such as airports, hotels, and conferences, and foreign countries.


In this blog, we'll explore key technology requirements for business owners and executives who desire to work anywhere and live differently. No matter if your IT is all in the cloud, or accessing private servers in your office, the security and performance considerations are the same. 


The Basics:

There are basic cybersecurity solutions that are needed to ensure your laptops and devices stay secured when traveling.  This includes:

Virtual Private Network (VPN): A VPN is essential for anyone that is traveling away from the office.  The VPN encrypts the data being transmitted and makes your connection secure.  Make sure you have a VPN that works in any country that you want to travel.


Endpoint Security: What used to be just anti-virus/malware has evolved to endpoint security for ensuring all devices are protected from cyber threats. Before embarking on a trip make sure your devices have the latest updates installed.


Firewall Protection: If connecting back to your office, you should have a next-generation firewall for facilitating your VPN. Equally important is these newer firewalls have more robust security and performance features for remote access. 


Mobile Device Management (MDM):

As business owners increasingly rely on a variety of devices for remote work, the need for Mobile Device Management (MDM) has become more apparent. MDM is basically a cloud platform that manages the security and data on company devices.  They key features of an MDM platform include:

Device Security: MDM enables the enforcement of security policies across all mobile devices used for work. This includes features like device encryption, password policies, and the ability to remotely wipe data in case a device is lost or stolen.


Application Management: MDM allows business owners to manage and control the applications installed on mobile devices. This ensures that only authorized and secure apps are used for work-related activities.


Remote Configuration: With MDM, business owners can remotely configure settings on mobile devices. This is particularly useful for ensuring that devices comply with security standards and are in line with the organization's policies.


Personal Support and Device Integration:

The key to having a great IT experience while traveling is to be sure all devices and software are installed, configured, and tested before your trip.  And you want to be sure you can get help back home if you have trouble with something.  Here are a few additional items to consider:

24/7 IT Support: A reliable IT support system is crucial for addressing issues promptly. Whether it's troubleshooting software glitches or fixing connectivity problems, having instant access to support ensures minimal downtime.


Device Compatibility: Investing in a seamless ecosystem where devices such as laptops, iPads, and smartphones can effortlessly sync data and applications enhances productivity. Cloud-based services like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 offer excellent collaboration tools.


Portable Cellular Hotspots: Unstable Wi-Fi can be a hindrance to remote work. A portable cellular hotspot ensures a reliable internet connection, especially in areas where public Wi-Fi may be unreliable or insecure.


Productivity and Connection to the Office:

It helps to have productivity platforms to assist in collaborating with your team back home. Consider platforms such as:


Cloud-Based Project Management Tools: Platforms like Trello, Asana, or facilitate collaboration and project tracking. They ensure that teams stay connected, and projects remain on schedule, regardless of geographical location.


Video Conferencing Solutions: Tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet are vital for virtual meetings. They enable face-to-face communication, fostering a sense of connectivity among remote teams.


Document Management Systems: Storing and accessing documents securely is crucial. Cloud-based solutions like Dropbox or OneDrive provide a centralized repository for files, ensuring accessibility from any location.


Work Anywhere, Live Differently.  For business owners and executives that want to work anywhere and live differently, the technology is here today to make this come true.  Imagine being able to take care of business while away, and not miss a beat.  This is the freedom that makes the risks and hard work of owning a business worth it all. 


RIATA can help you make this way of working, a reality.  It takes great technology, and expert support, and it’s all available for you today.  Contact RIATA and we’ll gladly take care of the technology, while you plan your trip.


About the Author:  Tommy Wald is CEO of RIATA Technologies, a Managed IT Services Provider headquartered in Austin, TX.  He can be reached at


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