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Austin's IT Support Specliasts

RIATA Technologies.  Your IT Partner.


Does this sound like you?

Business Owner

You depend on reliable IT and technology to stay competitive.

Common problems to avoid include slow network, poor quality VoIP phone calls, and lackluster IT support.


When IT disrupts productivity or slows down growth it’s time to make a change.

Startup business, young creative  people group brainstorming on team meeting at modern off

Medical Practice Manager

You just want IT to work as advertised.

As practice manager, you are responsible for billing, insurance filing, scheduling patients and lots more.  


You want quick and reliable IT support when you need it the most. 

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Startup Business

And you don't want IT to be a drag on growth. 

As an entrepreneur you are entirely focused on growing your company. 


You know that managing IT is not the best use of your team’s talent. 

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You're all

"in the cloud"

Yet you still need access to IT support and specialists. 

While cloud solutions are simpler and require less support, you will always have the occasional need for an IT specialist. 


Especially in area of cyber, data protection, VoIP, and mobile device management. 



You are struggling with technology and getting it to work as it should. 

You need responsive IT support that fits your budget. 


And it would help if they know your software, office workflow, medical devices, DICOM file storage, VoIP and other key technologies.

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Architect or Engineer

You depend on technology to produce, collaborate and deliver projects on time. 

Your business leverages technologies such as CAD, 3-D printing, ultra-fast networks, and large-file data storage. 

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