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Windows 365

Windows 365 is the simplest and most effective solution for providing a full-featured Windows desktop from any device with internet and a browser, including portables, notebooks, and Macs. 


RIATA’s Microsoft consultants are expert in implementing Windows 365 with a focus on data protection and cybersecurity practices.

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12 Reasons for Windows 365


Work from anywhere...on any device.

Desktop can be accessed from any computer, notebook, iPad, MacBook, Chromebook, tablet or smartphone. 


Perfect solution for Work-from-Home, satellite office, travel or other need for remote access to corporate network.


Built in security and protection against cyber-attacks.

Microsoft’s investment of over $1 billion per year in security for the W365 platform (Azure) provides better protection from cyberattacks than many can afford on their own.



Bring-Your-Own-Device has quickly become a best practice for corporate America. 


RIATA’s W365 solution securely extends the virtual desktop to authorized employees/contractors only, and ensures access to data is restricted.


Top choice for temporary or

part-time computer needs.

RIATA’s W365 solution is flexible and allows you add or remove users on-demand, and on specific days or hour of the week. 

No more expensive computers sitting vacant in an empty office.  Have access to a full-time desktop at a part-time cost. 


100% Remote Support

All issues with W365 are fixed remotely, thereby eliminating costly on-site support of traditional desktop issues.  Problems with desktop issues no longer require physical access. 

With W365, if you can turn on your computer and gain internet access you are in business.


Efficient, quick and simple to support.

Applications, patches and updates are centralized and applied immediately across all users, regardless of device. 


End user support provides for ability to restore a ‘clean’ desktop which resolve most issues immediately.  This translates to lower support costs.


Faster Performance

Your applications are running on a powerful, high-performance network providing a more robust performance than traditional desktop computers. 

W365 can be configured for power users or more basic users to ensure performance and cost is optimized.


Prevent theft of data by employees or contractors.

RIATA’s W365 solution includes security controls to prevent unauthorized downloading of data or screenshots of confidential data. 

Mitigate data theft and pilfering of customer accounts, confidential documents or intellectual property. 


Extend the life of existing computers.

Ordinary desktop/notebook computers are slower to obsolete with W365 as computing and storage is no longer reliant on the local desktop computer or device. 


Local hardware requirements for W365 are minimal and do not require frequent upgrades.   


Full functionality of Windows 10/11

That’s because W365 is a full featured version of Windows 10/11, with all of the popular integrations, security and collaboration tools that makes this the most popular business operating system available.

Complete with the full stack of Microsoft Office and Teams.


Data is always safe and protected.

RIATA’s W365 solution protects and secures corporate data across redundant data centers. 


If a notebook computer is stolen, your data is safe as it does not reside on the physical notebook device.  


No need to perform clunky individual backups of each corporate desktop and notebook computer. 


Personalized and customized.

End users are able to personalize and customize their individual W365 desktop. 


Everyone is allowed to establish personal preferences, applications, screen savers and the appearance of their desktop. 

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