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WiFi - Networking

The WiFi network is the backbone of all business technology solutions and devices.  A fast, reliable and secure WiFi network is key for every business to gain the most from their investments in technology solutions and software.

RIATA designs, installs and supports WiFi networks that provides business class security and performance across all offices, floors and locations of your company.

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WiFi - Networking

A fast, reliable and secure WiFi and office network is the cornerstone of effective business technology.  The performance of all business applications and devices are dependent on this.  Network downtime and slow performance is often related to an underperforming wi-fi network.     

RIATA can diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix slow WiFi and network performance issues.  We will design and install a network that will meet all your needs for business software, audio/video, remote access and document sharing.  We deliver business class solutions known for performance, security and dependability 

RIATA has curated the best vendors and solutions for quality networking including Cisco Meraki, Ruckus, Fortinet and others.  We will source, install, configure, and support all the equipment necessary for a high-performance, secure network.

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