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We make Cloud simple! And secure.

RIATA provides the service and support with your digital transformation.

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Technology is a popular topic for most professions, and the need to stay on top is a key requirement for executives, directors, managers and front-line staff of all organizations that are dependent on IT.  Especially, if the business has compliance requirements.  

I enjoy sharing my knowledge about these current IT needs, trends and solutions that will make your technology more friendly and work for you.  I discuss additional issues related to cybersecurity and compliance, especially as it applies to a specific industry such as healthcare.  

My approach is purely educational with no sales pitch or calls to buy.  My content is appropriate for professional association meetings, member webinars, guest blogs and quotes for articles.  

Sample topics include:

  • Best Practices for Managing your IT.

  • The Modern-Day IT Workplace: Cloud, WFH, Mobile.

  • Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices: As per CSA 405(d).

  • State of the IT Industry: Current and Upcoming Trends in IT.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss how I can help contribute to your professional education needs.  References available on request.

All my best,

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Tommy Wald

Tommy Wald

President & CEO



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