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Remote Workforce

Today's businesses must be ready to work remote, at any time and from any place.  This requires a strategy, best practices, policies and compatible solutions to ensure secure and reliable remote access.

RIATA provides the consulting, design, implementation and ongoing support for these remote access solutions.  

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Remote Workforce Readiness

Establishing secured remote workforce capabilities is a key best practice for businesses today and has become increasingly more important. A secure and reliable remote workforce solution ensures business continuity during times of catastrophic weather and pandemic event.

Remote workers require special support and solutions.  This includes:

  • Secure, encrypted VPN connections.

  • Cybersecurity protection for all devices.

  • User training for cybersecurity hygiene, to avoid phishing and malware attacks. 

  • Video conferencing for individuals and conference room.

  • Group collaboration tools including Microsoft Teams

  • Mobile Device Management to secure all devices accessing corporate network.


RIATA provides the consulting, design, installation and support for a secure and reliable remote workforce solution.  We help you overcome the challenges of working remote and focus on keeping your employees productive.

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