IT Manager for Hire

Managing your Full-Time Network at a Part-Time Cost.

RIATA's ‘IT Manager for Hire’ program is perfect for the small business that has occasional needs for IT support, while ensuring your network is reliable and secure.


  • Quick response help desk for all IT issues.

  • Expert guidance from senior technology consultants.

  • Protection against cybercrime and data loss.

  • Unbundled transparent and competitive pricing.

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IT Manager for Hire

Affordable IT support plans for any size organization.


This service is designed and priced for those companies that essentially run all of their business in the cloud, but still need the expertise and occasional support of an IT expert. 


Includes access to help desk and cybersecurity solutions, plus management of SaaS applications.  Great low-cost support solution for companies with minimal IT needs.


This service plan is for companies that have physical servers on-site, or in a data center, requiring standard 7x24 monitoring and proactive maintenance. Immediate support is always available. 


For companies that need technology consulting and project services. 


For companies that are more dependent on IT and focused on security.  This is a comprehensive plan that provides more layers of cybersecurity protection and attention to business continuity. 


Designed to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.  Includes unlimited help desk support and advanced cyber protection.