CTO Guidance

Most smaller businesses do not need a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO), but they do need a resource to fulfill these part-time needs.  RIATA provides this executive level direction, strategy, budgeting and guidance that every company needs, but cannot afford.

With RIATA's CTO service, your business receives the benefit of a full-time CTO at a part-time cost.  This is a crucial element as it ensures technology and IT decisions are cohesive and align with the company’s needs and goals.

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CTO Guidance

Key elements of these services include:

  • Dedicated CTO working directly with your company.

  • Strategy for managing technology and IT within company.

  • Policies and procedures to ensure data security and protection.

  • Senior level direction for guiding company’s tech decisions based on business needs.

RIATA's CTO services includes a specialty focus on:

  • Vendor Management: Ensure vendors are meeting their SLAs and manage costs.

  • Incident Response Plan: Formalized action plan in the event of a security breach or RansomWare attack.

  • Cyber Security Management: Implement policies and best practices to mitigate security risks.

  • Remote Workforce Device Management: Implement best practices for managing a secure and mobile workforce.

  • Industry Specialty Technology Management: Develop policies and standards for specialty purpose devices connected to the corporate network.